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Written Commission: Notes on Closed Worlds and Speculative Encounters

Yu-Chieh Li





ESSAYS Mousse 74

This Piece of Land, These Bits of Sea

by Robin Peckham


“…Wu Chi-Yu portrays something similarly elemental in The LED Future  (2020), imagining a time without natural light. Intriguingly, Wu begins this four-channel essay film, ostensibly all about the sun, with a long look at maritime connections and the fiber-optic cables that run light beneath the sea…”



Cicada Channel ISSUE 4: Air Asia

Published by Cicada Channel





Cicada Channel ISSUE 5: Nosedive

Published by Cicada Channel






Seeing the Air in the South China Sea – Thoughts on Life after My VR Experiences
Author: Wu, Chi-yu , Naifei Wu (translator)


Note: These were three incidents related to the notion of sky, floating, and flying: first, a cruise across South China Sea on a plane (my journey to Singapore for a residency program); second, a site-specific work at former Air Force Command Headquarters (AFCH); and third, seeing and experiencing artworks which employed VR technology— La Camera Insabbiata by Laurie Anderson and Hsin-Chien Huang, Time Panorama by Ya-Lun Tao, and Afterimage for Tomorrow by Singing Chen—where I contemplated the concept “sky” while floating and flying in the air. The moment of my feet leaving the ground in a virtual environment, which could be refreshing or frightening at times, made me wonder if I am not at all different from the audience who ran away from the screen that played The Arrival of a Train. This new way of seeing includes our physical sensitivity and allows possibilities to expand our future imagining of the sky. Images in virtual environments where the viewers float have been significantly shaping the way we breathe and co-exist with the idea of air, or, the atmosphere invisible to us yet whose connotation keeps getting more complicated in the digital era. Binocular stereoscopic vision helps humankind know not only the physical world but also the illusionary one. Can the way of seeing-floating help us see and understand the air of the future better? Here are some thoughts on life after my VR experiences.




NO MAN’s LAND, ISSUE 31 : When Memories Collide, 2017

Sound Route: Three Notes on Geography

Author: Wu Chi Yu, Shen Sum Sum, Musquiqui Chihying
translated by Zoey Wu




“Note: Sound is intrinsically fleeting; however in the long river of history, sound may come in handy to help us survive the excessive material accumulation and understand geography, migration and contemporaneity. “Sound Route: Three Notes on Geography” is the study notes written respectively by WU Chi-Yu, SHEN Sum-Sum and Musquiqui Chihying, the three artists who initiated the sound research project “Sound Route”, they attempt to write from the contrapuntal positions of sound, music and geography, and sort out the possible progression of modern history.”



publication RijksakademieOPEN 2014




“…By metaphorically addressing different fragments of the puzzle, Wu attempts to make the viewer aware of the framework of connections. Recently he has started focusing on meta-stories about more generic cultural connections and differences, and their impact on daily life. ”



6th work book of Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, 2013


Wu Chi-Yu: Re-connecting Things with the World


by Po-Wei Wang




” …Such a logic decreases the original hybridity and diversity of our world, which leads to the mundanity of life and poverty of meaning. Wu believes that art can contribute to our world by enriching life and meaning as well as re-establishing the connections among humans, things, animals, and the world. ”