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Not Promising 3D Video Art Festival | CHANG Li-Ren, WU Chi-Yu



Not Promising 3D Video Art Festival



Artists: NI Xiang, CHEN Ching-Yuan, CHANG Li-Ren, SU Yu-Hisen, CHEN Tin-Chou



Duration/2013.06.14 (Fri) - 2013.07.21 (Sun)
Opening Reception/2013.06.14 (Fri) 19:00
Location/4F., No.83, Chenggong Rd., Tainan City 700
Gallery Hours/Wed-Sun 13:00-20:00 (Mon.~Tue. off)



Duration: 2013.8.9 (FRI) – 8.11 (SUN)
Opening Reception:2013.8.9 (FRI) 19:00
DIY 3D Theatre Workshop, Taipei: 2013.8.9 (FRI) 19:30 – 20:00
Location: Open Contemporary Art Center
Address: No.24, Zhongxing St., Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Organizer: CHANG Li-Ren, WU Chi-Yu
Curator: WU Chi-Yu
Co-Organizer:Open-Contemporary Art Center

Supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation


【IMAX 3D】 Why is it so expensive to go to 3D cinema? 3D and IMAX films are now new stars in film since Avatar became mainstream. For the reason of its exclusive skills, which are impossible to get expect going to 3D cinema, cinema experiences remain important. The viewing experience reaches its summit because of Avatar and other great 3D films. However, some so-called “3D”movies are newly produced with 3D skills, while some of them are old films re-produced with 3D effects. We see nothing particularly good expect 3D skills when so-called 3D films are no doubt a new film genre. Audience still get used to this kind of pure 3D visual experience. Even though some filmmakers try hard to integrate 3D skill and show its best, we feel a sense that nothing worthy praising remains but only 3D effects in today’s cinema world.


【I Made 3D】 We see Deleuze’s concept of “degree zero” in nowadays cinema. The status of degree zero is like a situation of showing the long-forgotten basis of visual technology in front of audience, which intrigues us. Inspired by the 3D visual theory and the history of illusion, we design a “one-seat only, no 3D-glasses” 3D movie theatre. This is an adult cinema. Not only because that we only screen porn films but also you have to watch it on your own without parent’s accompany. This cinema is designed with two small holes for each of your eyes to fit in. You are not able to share the viewing experience with others in the meanwhile. Instead of celebrating 3D’s sensational new experience, it is more important to note a sense of solitude and intimacy it creates. Try to recall the experience of watching porn films at home, a similar feeling of unpromising occurs. We don’t really want to be unpromising. In another word, a cinema designed for one VIP viewing each time is so unpromising in comparison to an IMAX 3D cinema, which has hundreds of seats for audience viewing at the same time at once.


Not Promising 3D Video Art Festival, 2013, Tainan










Not Promising 3D Video Art Festival, 2013, Taipei