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Reading List


Reading List, Video Installation, 2017, Dimension Variable



Gall-Peters projection corrects the distortion of magnified high latitude countries from Mercator projection. This modification is a concern of political attempt as the visual adjustment to return the underprivileged low latitude countries with an alternative way of viewing. Balancing the visible inequality by representing its proper dimensions. Consequently it creates another distortion of stretching the low latitude countries in order to present a politically correct amendment.








Wu Chi-Yu’s works mainly focus on provoking the scenery system of globalisation and intend to form an authority machine in order to gain the knowledge of the world methodology. Throughout the video montage with the heteroglossic market in Kota Bharu (located in Kelantan, Malaysia), the street vendors who attract people by showing their pythons and the left-wing independent book stands. Fabricating a narrative through various contexts of image segments, such as market trades or knowledge exchanges, a path that leads to the reality is reconstructed by the relationship between seeing and listening. With the limited comprehension in globalisation and the dealable or undealable in the existing political reality, as a result, it discloses the contrasts between the local and the global to us.



The collaborative publication with Nusantara Archive.



NO MAN’s LAND, ISSUE 35: Nusantara: Signifier and Its Limitation
The Reading List Project: Interview with Kitartb, the independent bookstore in Kota Bharu






Reading List, Video Installation, 2017, Dimension Variable, Film still


Reading List 閱讀清單 (excerpt, 2mins)