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Asia Air




Asia Air, 2018, Three-channel video installation and documents


This is a nonexistent virtual reality viewing experience. By simulating a futuristic approach of viewing through video installation, Wu will explore Asia’s aerial territory. Inspired by the aerial warfare schematic left behind by the Air Force Commander Headquarters, Wu will examine how the sky is being used, understood, and divided by humans from historical and technological perspectives. Humans have historically used the sky for political, military, trade, and entertainment purposes; now, the sky is being used in even more ways. Through flight, humans are able to traverse national boundaries, and boundaries are constantly being redefined and delineated according to the political and economic might of a country. How many air defense identification zones are we passing through when we fly from one country to another? As technology continues to advance we can now see the world from the bird’s eye view of a drone while planting our feet firmly in the ground. Correspondingly, we have had to develop ways to manage and regulate the use of drones. The vastless sky before us has already been divided as to be managed.


Asia Air is a video installation that strings together aerial photographs taken from aircrafts and by drones and images of aerial warfare schematics to explore the use and management of aerial space. This work will be viewed as the latest viewing technology – virtual reality, which projects varying depths of field in both the left and right eye to create a three-dimensional viewing experience that is both virtual and futuristic.




Asia Air, Three-channel video installation, Dimension Variable, 2018



Asia Air, Three-channel video installation, Dimension Variable, 2018



Asia Air, Three-channel video installation, Dimension Variable, 2018



Situation Room, Giclée print, 55*37cm, 2018



Air Defense Map, Giclée print, 480*200*170(h)cm, 2018



亞洲大氣 Asia Air_excerpt from Wu Chi-Yu on Vimeo.